Pursuit of Happiness


When life is all but suffering

The apparent causes may be  

People, places, and situations

Due to the veil of illusion


Go within and ask, 'Who am I?'
Unlearn what you’ve learnt

Allow silence to undo doubts

Let intuition replace logic

What’s inside appears outside

Imaginary world—a dream state

Experiences driven by beliefs

Neither real nor permanent

One formless eternal reality
When the dreamer awakens
Temporal illusions cease to be
Happiness blossoms naturally

Who Am I?


Wake up, wake up
From a temporal dream 

Awake, I realise the truth
All is 'I' with no other

Wake up, wake up
First, I was undifferentiated
Later, infinitely variegated
By time-space-thoughtform

Wake up, wake up
I am the magician
Manifesting things at will
Like the passing clouds

Wake up, wake up

I am the lucent vibration
Illuminating the false world
Making it appear as real 

 Lion or sheep?


A lion cub lost among sheep
Growing up in a dream reality
Bleating fearfully in conformity

Ignorant of its origin and identity

Along comes an enlightened Soul
Bemused by what she sees
Shows the lion dressed as sheep
A reflection of its true identity

Awakened from the state of delusion

The liberated lion roars loudly

Freed from misconceptions of duality

Aware of its origin and identity

One reality, imaginary many
Ask, 'Who am I—one or many?'
If one—know there is no other reality
If many—resistance and dichotomy 


Who Am I?


Wake up, wake up
Realise 'I Am That'
Knowing there is no other
Be still in a sea of activity

Wake up, wake up
I am pure Awareness
Streaming through the senses
And giving rise to knowingness

Wake up, wake up
I am not the body or senses
I am not the mind or intellect

All is ignorance and delusion

Wake up, wake up
I withdraw cognition
In deep sleep, not knowing
Absolute being in eternal bliss



What if experiences are
Conjured up by the mind 
Perceived by the senses
Analysed by the intellect

What if experiences are

Like looking at holograms

One's thoughts and beliefs

Manifesting as reality

What if experiences are

Like flying in a dream

Asleep, indisputably real

Awakened, realises she’d slept

What if experiences are

Not fixed in space and time

What seems like here and now

Could be anywhere, anytime


Coming home


'I', 'Me' and 'Mine'

Space, time, thoughtform

Doubts and uncertainties
Confusion and restlessness

Faith and humility
Surrender and playful

Self-aware and blissful
Reunion and communion

What is reality?


Am I the body?
Am I the emotions?

Am I the senses?  
Am I none of these?


Am I the mind?
Am I the intellect?

Am I the nothingness?
Am I none of these?

Am I the light?
Am I the mirror?
Am I the reflection?

Am I all of these?


Am I the seer?
Am I the seen, and
Everything in-between?

Am I the one and only?


What do you see?


Stand before a mirror
What do you see?
Is that you or me?
If it's you, why not me?

You say there is a difference
Is that true?
I say we are undifferentiated
Like the tree inside a seed

Go to sleep
What do you see?
Is that a dream or reality?
If it's a dream, why not 

You say there is a difference
Is that true?
I say they are undifferentiated
Like one having a waking dream



What if?


It’s all a dream:

It’s all a fiction:


It’s all an illusion:


It's all timeless:



Who Am I?


Wake up, wake up
I exist despite imperceptible

To mind, senses, and intellect

Truth concealed by illusion

Wake up, wake up
I am unlike the changing body
I am unlike the changing mind
I am eternally unchanging

Wake up, wake up
Seek earnestly within
Nature of an exalted being
Wisdom bestowed on the meek

Wake up, wake up
Spun around by illusion
I appear as diverse relations
Apart, yet relative to the other 

Who Am I?


Wake up, wake up

The truth 'Who am I?'

Is reflected in a dreamer 

Self-aware, allowing, and blissful


Wake up, wake up
The mind projects experiences 
Like a movie viewed on screen
The only reality is 'Awareness'


Wake up, wake up

I am the eternal Self-of-All

Experiencing temporal existence

Like worlds perceived in dreams


Wake up, wake up

I am the formless Self-of-All  

Manifesting in eightfold forms
As Existence-Awareness-Bliss

Just 'Be'


Let go of:





Let go of:





Let go of:





Let go of:





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