My work explores the nature of existential experiences as part of an inward journey towards self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. I use the painting process to subdue the analytical or logical mind and create a conducive space for introspection. I examine my life experiences in conjunction with various secular and spiritual philosophies to determine whether existence is an objective or subjective reality.  In other words, are my experiences a reflection of what I think, feel, and believe or are they influenced by independent occurrences. I pen my reflective thoughts as poems and self-musing quotes.  Although the writing is not incorporated into the artworks, it remains an indivisible part of the creative energy that produces the paintings; the two components are inextricably intertwined.     


I paint when inspired to do so. Inspiration comes in the way of a thought or feeling that prompts me to express what is going on inside me in a non-objective way using only the imagination. I do not look to external sources for creative stimuli. The compositions, colours, and motifs are all from within. I begin with a simple shape or colour and allow the painting to take a life of its own by following inner promptings on what to do next. I have no clue as to the end result. The shift or changes in my work happen organically. This method is in line with my belief that we should subdue the analytical mind and allow intuition to guide us on our creative endeavours or important issues. The analytical or logical mind should only be used to deal with mundane and practical things. 

My formative painting style was mainly influenced by South East Asian textile and Australian Aboriginal art. As it developed, my attraction to the Bauhaus and Surrealism movements and painters like Paul Klee, Vasily Kandinsky, and Joan Miro gradually changed the direction. Those influences resulted in simplification and a shift towards geometric shapes, asymmetrical forms, purposeful colours, and lyrical lines while preserving a naive untutored approach to making the paintings.  In the history of art practice, my style is a blend of modern and contemporary art. The modern being the Avant-Garde period (1910-1930) when movements such as Suprematism, Bauhaus, De Stijl, and Surrealism flourished. The contemporary being artists like Cy Twombly who used text, myths, and poems as the conceptual foundation for their abstract art; although, in my case, the writing does not form part of the artworks.  

The paintings mirror the evolution of my inner world—all known and unknown aspects. The early paintings had recurring motifs in the form of semi-abstracted birds, trees, and a stickman-like figure that represented freedom, life, and the ego, respectively. The more recent paintings are non-objective and pared back in detail without any obvious recurring motifs. I use simple shape, colours, and lines to make paintings that are intended to reach out to the inner child in the audience. The colours, shapes, and lines in the paintings have a soft language, but only a quiet mind can hear their whispers.


The colourful, playful, and naive paintings could be perceived either through the eyes of a child or an adult. A child sees things as they are and intuitively feels the visual stimulation. An adult, however, tends to analyse and their perception is likely to be influenced by the language of the titles.  From the start, I decided to abstain from giving names or descriptions to the paintings in order to dissuade an adult audience from analysing the paintings and enjoy the visceral experience by allowing the inner child to come out and play. 



South-East Asian Textile, Australian Aboriginal Art, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Bauhaus, Surrealism.

Paul Klee, Vasily Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Kazimir Malevich, Hilma Klint.  




Solicitor, Victoria, Australia

Advocate & Solicitor, Malaysia

Barrister, England & Wales (Lincoln's Inn)

Leicester University (U.K.) L.L.B (Hons) 




Group, Space2B

Solo, Art @ St Francis

Solo, Bird's Gallery

Group, Brunswick Street Gallery

Group, No Vacancy Gallery

Warranwood Art Show 

Art Lounge, Cambridge Studio Gallery

Group, Studio 2, Northcote Town Hall

Solo, Brightspace Gallery

Group, Melbourne Exhibiting Artists

Parallax (13) Art Fair, London
Solo, Bird's Gallery
Vogue Apartments @ South Yarra
Society Apartments @ South Yarra
Group, Gallery #9 




Bluethumb (Australia) – Featured Artist

Contemporary Art Book (GAA - UK) Vol II

Artfinder (London) –  'Art of the Day' 

Artfinder (London) – Featured Artist 




'Lawyer's First Love' (Melbourne)
'From Legal to Semi-Abstract Realm' 


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